SEA Technology

Seattle Genetics' proprietary Sugar Engineered Antibody (SEA) technology is a novel approach to increasing the potency of monoclonal antibodies through enhanced effector function. SEA technology comprises modified sugars that inhibit the incorporation of fucose into the mature, biantennary carbohydrate chains of monoclonal antibodies, resulting in minimal fucosylation and improved antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity (ADCC) activity in preclinical models. ADCC functions by recruiting the body's immune system to attack and kill target cells and is an important contributor to the potency of many monoclonal antibodies.

A key feature of our SEA technology is that the modified sugars can be readily added to standard cell culture media, while maintaining the underlying manufacturing processes, yields and product quality. We believe the SEA approach is much simpler and more cost-effective to implement as compared to existing technologies for enhancing antibody effector function, most of which require genetic modifications to the antibody or cell lines. In model systems, SEA technology has been shown to be applicable across a wide range of antibodies and antibody-producing cell lines, and can also be readily applied at the antibody screening stage. Seattle Genetics has filed patent applications covering its novel SEA technology.

We are evaluating SEA technology in our internal early-stage pipeline, providing an alternative approach to increasing the potency of antibodies. For information about licensing Seattle Genetics' SEA technology, please email

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