Extending the Impact of ADCs

Beyond broad internal development of our antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) technology, we have entered into collaborations with a number of industry-leading biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. These licensing activities extend the reach of our technology as collaborators investigate numerous targets in many therapeutic areas. Across both internal and collaborator programs, there are more than 20 ADCs in clinical development using our technology.

In addition to extending the reach of our technology into additional programs, our ADC technology licensing agreements have generated more than $350 million to date. They also provide us with future pipeline opportunities through co-development or opt-in rights to new ADC product candidates.

We have two types of ongoing ADC collaborations:

Under our ADC license agreements with AbbVie, Astellas, Bayer, Celldex, Genentech, GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer and Progenics, we are entitled to receive upfront payments, milestones and royalties on net sales of any resulting ADC products. We have the potential to receive several billion in future milestone payments from our current ADC collaborations. Our licensees are responsible for all development, manufacturing and commercialization activities under these collaborations.

Our ADC co-development agreements with Astellas and Genmab provide Seattle Genetics with opportunities to supplement our internal pipeline through opt-in rights to 50:50 co-development and profit-sharing for ADC product candidates. Under our Agensys deal, we are co-developing ASG-15ME and enfortumab vedotin (ASG-22ME). Through our Genmab deals, we have opt-in rights to the Tissue Factor (TF) ADC program at completion of phase 1 clinical trials.

ADC Collaborator Pipeline

Polatuzumab vedotin (anti-CD79b ADC; RG7596)

Non-Hodgkin lymphoma, DLBCL (BTD and PRIME)

Anti-MUC16 ADC (RG7882)

Ovarian, pancreatic cancer


Non-Hodgkin lymphoma

Anti-S. aureus TAC (RG7861)


Depatuxizumab mafodotin (ABT-414)



Solid tumors


Solid tumors


Solid tumors

Telisotuzumab vedotin (ABBV-399)

Solid tumors

Glembatumumab vedotin (CDX-011)

Breast cancer

Glembatumumab vedotin (CDX-011)



Renal cell carcinoma

GSK2857916 (Anti-BCMA ADC)

Multiple myeloma (BTD and PRIME)


Prostate cancer


Renal cell carcinoma



Anti-C4.4a ADC

Solid tumors

HuMax-AXL-ADC (anti-AXL ADC)

Solid tumors

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Undisclosed ADC