Promise for Patients

We are committed to transforming extraordinary scientific advances into safe and effective solutions for people with cancer. We conduct rigorous research and development in areas of serious unmet medical need, with a focus on:

  • Advancing our innovative, proprietary antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) platform technologies
  • Novel antibodies and other targeting agents
  • New classes of stable linkers
  • Potent cell-killing agents to attach to targeting molecules
  • Novel antibody engineering technologies
  • Combining ADCs with checkpoint inhibitors
  • Antibody masking technologies
Dr. Peter Senter
Vice President Chemistry and Sr. Distinguished Fellow
"Our creative research allows us to bring ideas to life that will improve outcomes for cancer patients. We focus on being bold and hopeful, always inspired by patients throughout the innovation process."


In addition to advancing our ADC research, we are applying our expertise in targets and antibodies to the area of immuno-oncology. We believe that through targeted killing of tumor cells and immunogenic cell death, ADCs could become the preferred partner for immuno-oncology agents, and are testing or plan to test brentuximab vedotin, enfortumab vedotin, tisotumab vedotin and ladiratuzumab vedotin in combinations with checkpoint inhibitors.

During the past 20 years of research and innovation, we have developed a diverse suite of ADC technologies and are driving the field to improve outcomes for patients with hematologic and solid tumors.